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"Car-L" meets the lions

Car L" meets the lions. Met een remote controlled 4x4 camera buggy fotograferen van Leeuwen in Botswana.

Extreme test Nikon D3s

Dit is een wel heel extreme test van de Nikon D3s. Niet zelf uitproberen dus!

Het is wel Franstalig, maar de beelden spreken voor zich.

How do you protect your camera in stormy conditions?

How do you protect your camera in stormy conditions? Watch Karl Taylor get a soaking!!

Some of the best photographic opportunities are in the least camera friendly conditions. But from an equipment point of view, photographing a storm or trying to capture pictures in the rain doesn't sound very appealing!

Another Polarizing Filter Bites The Dust... by Karl Taylor

In this video Karl shows us some tips and techniques for photographing flowing water. We have a look at how different shutter speeds affect the atmosphere of our shot and how a polarizing filter (which he loses!) works to increase the contrast by reducing surface reflections. Getting the right angle of view is important and as usual Karl finds himself knee deep in water to ge.